GO Theatre was founded in 1996 by Barbara and Włodzimierz Gołaszewski.

So far the theatre has produced 35 theatre premieres and 15 premieres of the Actor’s Studio. Over 100 thousand viewers from Poland and Germany, Algeria, Switzerland took part in the theatre, film, visual art workshops and spectacles organized by the Foundation.

The Foundation has organized 6 international festivals Young Art Meeting YAM, many exhibitions and artistic plain-airs.

A purpose and activity

of Foundation Proscenium:

  • A support of development creativity painting, theater and films.
  • A promotion young artists in the world.
  • Organizing of meetings and festivals of groups young artists for present their achievements and personal contacts.
  • Leading of workshops for young painters and actors.
  • Co-operating with high schools on the field arts education and creativity.
  • Production and stage the plays for young audience.
  • Organizing of holidays workshops, performances and concerts.
  • Preparation pupils and teachers for professional activity.
  • In co-operation with the Plasma Institute organizing “Meta-physics workshops” and “Art of science” for the pupils of high schools and children.

Our aim is inspiration of activities in building owns strength and image and explode the creativity. We do it by the forms of workshops and theatrical spectacles.

Theater GO runs the painters, films and actors studio, arranges exhibitions, concerts and meetings of young artists.

We direct our activity to children, the pupils of high school and students.

A man confidence of himself is able to present his programs, thoughts and he is capable to organize and activate a team work.

Must use the most modern methods of education accepting existing systems of qualification will accept with its vitality, pleasure of contacting with others, with the knowledge of life and existence of the new European problems.

Methods of management these workshops and new form of presenting spectacles allows to believe young spectators and participators of the workshops in a strength and of our culture and science.
We teach young people understanding modern art and an avant-garde.

“You must trust in your intelligence and creativity”.

In time of holidays the group of young actors and painters go for workshops in nature.

During their „Theatre and Film Workshops” which were studio meetings with art presented on stage, young people were introduced to the image shaping techniques, body language, elements of the art of interpretation and negotiation as well as the secrets of backstage theatre and film production.

The Proscenium Foundation conducts a professional theatre, which is based in a scientific institute (The Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion in Warsaw). This is a unique situation on a European scale. The Foundation in collaboration with The Institute has been implementing similar projects between science and art in Poland for many years. These projects are very well received by young audiences and scholars.

Troupe of GO Theatre:

  • Maria Stańska-Nowicka, Gabriela Całun, Włodzimierz Gołaszewski and co-operation: Marta Szumieł, Zofia Nather, Szymon Mysłakowski, Bartosz Nowicki, Grzegorz Gołaszewski
  • Barbara Gołaszewska – painter
  • Agnieszka Kołakowska – assistant
  • Justyna Gołaszewska – photographer, cameraman; sound and light operator;

Director of GO Theatre:

Włodzimierz GołaszewskiWłodzimierz Gołaszewski – director, actor, writer, graduated from the Acting Department of the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź /1975/; scholarships in Germany and Sweden; director of over 100 films and spectacles, laureate of awards: Stadtkuenstler Wilhelmshaven 1987, I Award of Young Film Academy Poznań 1992, Award of Warsaw and I Award of OCIC Niepokalanów 1994, Certificate of Recognition Steven Spielberg’s Foundation SHOAH 2000, I Award of Ministry of Culture and Art for Theatre Education 2001 and others. Author of many scripts, songs, plays and book „Trappers of the church”. As actor appeared in a lot of films and spectacles. Lectures, workshops, performances and films in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Algeria, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Zambia, Congo, Franc and Madagascar. President of Foundation Proscenium.